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Aerial Installation

aerial installation

What to Look Out for From Good Aerial Installation

Are you looking for aerial installation but are unsure where to turn? Read on for some pointers about the things that a competent and reliable installation should comprise of.

Do not be duped by an aerial company that will rip you off or only perform half a job. You want to ensure that once an aerial has been installed, it will remain in place and provide high-quality signal for a long time. It can become expensive and time consuming if you need to repeatedly contact an aerial maintenance service to fix problems.

If aerial installers tick these following boxes on their website, there is a much higher chance that they can be trusted.

Aerial Installation Musts

Installers must be fully qualified and be able to prove that they are trained on various aerial types. For instance, digital installation, SKY TV boxes and CCTV. It is important that they liaise with clients on any potential issues regarding installation and be able to offer repairs if required. Most of the public will not know much about aerials, so an installer needs to guide clients on the aerial best suited to their needs.

They should work time-efficiently and make sure there is a little disruption to the client’s home life as possible. There must also be clear adherence to safety measures for theirs and the client’s wellbeing, especially during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Procedures need to be put in place so that there is no danger to a client’s property. For instance, locking ladders in a stationary position to remove the risk of falling and breaking a window or other property.

There must be guarantees that brackets and entry points are sealed once the job is completed and a wall socket is installed.

Lastly, you want an installation company that provides free, no-obligation quotes, otherwise you could waste a lot of money.